Gate Automation

The cost to install a gate motor depends on various factors like this. Do you have the gate motor already? Is there power at the gate source? But generally you are looking at R1500.

If your gate motor is beeping, it’s usually a sign something is not right. Ranging from various problems like safety beams. Low Battery and obstruction.

Its works with an electric motor which turns an oil cooled gearbox that powers the drive cog. Which drives the gat along the steel rack.

If there are no problems like lightning storms, power surges or load-shedding. The normal lifespan of a gate motor is about 10 years before your gate motor needs replacement.

Your gate motor battery can last for up to 3 years, but it all depends on how well it’s looked after. Things like power surges or load-shedding can affect the life span.

All gate motors are good, but the best gate motor for your needs depends on various factors like this. How heavy your gate it? Or is the gate motor for a home or a business?

Your gate motor battery should last anywhere from 2 years to 3 years but depends on factors like this. Load shedding. Power surges and how well you look after your gate motor.

Yes it can all gate motors have a manual overide. And each overide is specific to the gate motor manufacturer.