Electric Fence Johannesburg

Electric Fence Johannesburg

Electric Fence Johannesburg is a well-established Fence Company. Security Fencing Company in Johannesburg. As well as a Fencing Contractor in Johannesburg. We’ve been in business since 2001, delivering a various Electric Fencing solutions. For homes and businesses located in the Johannesburg, Gauteng area. Wether you’re a home-owner. Or a business owner with a business location. Shop front. Warehouse. Factory or Office Park. Or wether you’re a property manager for a golf course. Sports field. Town house complex or retirement village. Our products and services cater for everyone in any industry.

Electric Fencing Johannesburg

Electric Fence Johannesburg Your Qualified Fencing Contractors In Perimeter Security! Call Us Now For Great Deals On Products And Services!

Gate Motors Johannesburg also offer other fence and gate solutions like driveway gate motors. Electric Fence Johannesburg also can fabricate Fence Styles like this. PVC Fence. Privacy Fence. Metal Fence. Wire Fences. Ornamental Fence. Steel Fences. Iron Fence. Rail Fence. Security Gates. Vinyl Fence and Wood Fences. SSSL Johannesburg are members of the South African Electric Fence Installers Association (SAEFIA). As well as members of the Electrical Contractors Association of South Africa (ECASA).

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Why Choose Us

There are many reasons we can think of for you to use our services. Like our no call out fee. Fair pricing and excellent customer service and aftercare. But we have provided three main reasons why you should choose us.



All products supplied by us carries a manufacturer’s warranty. For a period specified by the manufacturer. All Workmanship we do carries a 12-Month Workmanship warranty.

Free Estimate

We provide a free estimates services, whereby we come out to your home or business. Do an assessment of what you need. And provide you with a no obligations, hassle free quote thereafter.

Quality Fencing

We only supply and install the best quality fencing products and spares. From the well-known and reputable Electric Fence Suppliers in Johannesburg. So you know the quality products you are get when you buy from us.

Types Of Electric Fencing

Wall Top Electrical Fencing

Wall Top Electrical Fencing in Johannesburg. Which is, installed on the top of any existing wall. Or fence structure 1.5 meters from the ground.

Full Height Electrical Fencing

Full Height Electrical Fencing in Johannesburg. Is, installed from ground level up. The height of the Electrical Fence may vary depending on the purpose of the fence. Or the level of security. Full Height Electrical Fencing in Johannesburg is. Used in place of a wall or fence structure.

What We Do

Johannesburg Electric Fence Services

When you’re searching for Electric Fence Installers Near Me. Or Electric Fence Repairs Near Me on google. Think about us here at Electric Fence Johannesburg. We provide complete start-to-finish solutions and services for a Residential Fence. Or Commercial Fence. Or many services include Installation Services and Fence Repair.

Fencing Installation Johannesburg

Wanting Electric Fence Installation in Johannesburg?. The Electric Fence Installation Cost varies depending on many factors like this. How many lines you need? The length of the electric fence. Type of electric fence as well as any extras you may want. Our Electric Fence Installer in Johannesburg install all types of Electrical Fence from. Wall Top Electric Fencing to Free Standing Electric Fencing in Johannesburg. Wether you need a Security Fence. Horse Fence. Dog Fence. Pet Fence or Perimeter Fence. You will find our Electric Fence Installation Prices are the best as well as the service we provide.

Fence Repair Johannesburg

Electric Fencing Repairs in Johannesburg. Wether you’re having issues with your Electric Fence Wire, Electric Fence Energizer. Or Electric Fence Insulators we’ll have it fixed in no time. Because we understand how important your security is for you. How we work when it comes To Electrical Fence Repairs in Johannesburg is. We come out, free of charge. Assess the problem you’re having with your fence. Provide you with a quote. If you’re pleased with the price. We can carry out the repairs the same time.

Electric Fence Maintenance

Is your fence requiring Electric Fence Maintenance in Johannesburg? You’re at the right place! We offer low cost Electric Fencing Maintenance in Johannesburg for Residential Fencing. As well as Commercial Fencing. From simple maintenance tasks like checking on Electric Wire and tensioning wires. To checking on Electric Current. And other maintenance like clearing debris that is on your fence. Give us a call!

Other Fencing Solutions We Offer

At Electric Fence Johannesburg we also offer other Fencing Products and Fencing Options. The Types Of Fencing we provide includes. Barbed Wire Fence. Chain Link Fencing. Garden Fence. Industrial Fencing like Palisade, Perimeter and ClearVu Fencing. Temporary Fencing. Pool Fencing and Privacy Fencing to name a few. Get in touch with us to find the best solution for you.

Please Note: We’re not an Electric Fencing Suppliers or Fence Supplies. What this means is we don’t have a physical shop you can come and visit. Where we have Fence Products. Fence Accessories and Fence Materials you can buy. We’re a Fence Contractor in Johannesburg that offer Fence Design and Fence Installation. For any Electrified Fence or Security Fencing you have or would like to have.


Electric Fencing Johannesburg

FAQCan I Get An Electric Fence COC From You?

Yes, we do provide a compliance certificate with new electric fence installations. Existing Electric Fence COC will be at an extra cost.

FAQDo You Charge A Call Out?

No. We don’t charge any customers a call out fee wether we are coming out to do a quote on a new installation. Or repair an existing electric fence.

FAQCan You Link My Fence To My Security Company?

Yes we can link your electric fence to your security company. Provided your alarm system radio transmitter can take the extra signal.

FAQIs An Electric Fence Safe In General?

Yes. If your electric fence is correctly installed. In accordance with legislation than its 100% safe. The shock is the only ment to disorientate the intruder.

FAQAre You Available After Hours?

Our office hours are from Monday to Saturday. 8am to 5pm. We do work on public holidays and if it’s an emergency you can call 082-396-4866.

FAQIs An Electric Fence Expensive To Run?

It’s not the average electrified fence uses 33 watts a day. These times that by 31 days it works out to be about R25 extra on your electricity bill a month.

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